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Tiny and mighty, the GS2200M series is a fully integrated, secure Wi-Fi module with an extremely small footprint and ultra-low-power consumption. Designed to simplify the integration of Wi-Fi connectivity into product designs,  the series is available with multiple interfaces and an optional integrated chip antenna or U.FL connector.
Organizations with limited Wi-Fi or RF expertise don’t have the time or resources to navigate through all the varying requirements associated with testing and certifications.  The GS2200M from Telit results in faster development time and market availability because the module is IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant and meets major global regulatory and Wi-Fi Alliance certification requirements. These essential certifications combined with world-class support and advanced features, reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for external components in many use cases while extending battery life.
Intelligent design makes the GS2200M series ideal for various applications and environments, including smart energy and measurement, smart home, healthcare and fitness, industrial controls, commercial building automation, and audio/video consumer electronics. Leverage our Telit IoT Know-How program and learn how to quickly deploy cost-effective and future-proof solutions integrated with leading Wi-Fi technology from idea to market today.



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